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8 practical learning tips for birding by impression (jizz)

Some practical keys of the book "Learning how to identify birds by impression". 1. The active participation of the observer is required: The observer must be involved. The observer must learn to operate variables and stages, to write evaluative sentences, to practice the field and cabinet exercises and to acquire basic information. Although an intense participation of the observer in the learning period is required, the prize is great both in the saving of the long time it takes to acquire the status of expert identifier and in having a holistic view of the birds. If you insist you can acquire the identification by jizz in a few months, which will allow you to take good field data and improve its efficiency in a short time, compared to the classic way of prioritizing plumage. 2. Are the field exercises during the learning phase done after learning to operate each variable or at the end of each stage?: A stage groups variables of the same nature. It is preferable to go to the …